With all the pollution, haze from chemtrails, and reflected light from our cities, we often fail to recognize the real significance of the SIZE of our VISIBLE universe (it is well possible that there is more out there, and that light has not yet reached us, 13.7 Billion Light Years away!).  Instead, we are left, often with barely a handful of stars and planets that are visible in the night sky.

Seeing only these, it becomes very easy to imagine ourselves the chosen creation of whatever god you wish to call upon.  It becomes easy to think ourselves unique and somehow important, relative to all we see around us.  We say to ourselves, “Behold my divine heritage!  I am to have dominion over all things of the earth!”  And as we run rampant, harvesting, extracting, and destroying, we content ourselves in the thought that somehow, all this will be magically renewed when Jesus, or whomever returns to make things all better.  As if the world were some magnificent “Dixie Cup” that is somehow recyclable.

This is why astronomy matters.  Why science matters.  It allows us to set aside our personal myths for a better reality, a bigger reality.  Why be contained within the smallness of human imagination and frailty.  Why allow ourselves to be restrained by implacable dogma?  Is it not better to consider that we are literally made of the stuff of the stars?  That within each of us, there resides eternity?  Have you not considered the implication of why we can only remember the past, and think on the future, but the present is ever present, and the only reality under which we can function with even a fraction of assurance that what we are experiencing is actually “real.”   In fact, the brain is unable to distinguish the difference between imagination, dreams, thoughts, or memories.  These abstractions exist only in the mind, and we learn to value them, often in place of valuing the present.

Gazing toward the stars we see a reflection of ourselves, the Truth of our existence.  For regardless of one’s religious myth or scientific tenant, it is undeniable that you are made of the stuff of the stars; and this grants to you citizenship within the cosmos as a living, breathing, (hopefully) thinking human being.  It means that you are also intrinsically related to everything around you.  You are not a separate creation, independent or superior, but a frail representation of cognitive emergence, chemically tied and molecularly bound to everything you can see, taste, hear, smell, and feel.  Yes feel.  From the ground under your feet to the air against your skin or the blazing sun in the sky, you are materially a part of, created by, and sustained by all of this, moment to moment.

THIS is your connection.  And it is every present.  In fact, it is so very important and so very overwhelming, that the mind is unable to do more than imagine anything either before or after this moment, the Present.  It is all we ever can know, and all we shall ever truly know.  It is the reality before our eyes that we regularly deny.

It is a subtle irony that in gazing into the heavens, we see things not as they are, but as they were.  Their past is our present, and were we to draw nearer to them, our perception — locked in the ever-present — would witness the slow progression of aeons pass from their past into their future, and finally our collective present; as stand upon a distant sandy shore gazing skyward along the starry path we have come.

Take a moment and review this brief video presentation.  Consider the relative impact of our dim understanding of the true, mind blowing magnitude of our cosmos.  Then ask yourself, with all that is going on about you, what is most important?  Then ask yourself, who told you that was important.  If you want to really know what is most important to you, you have only to consider what you spend most of your time doing.  Without question, that is what is most important to you.  Perhaps you should take some more time to look skyward, meditate upon all to which you are bound and connected, and then reflect on what is most important.  You may find the answer that comes to your mind refreshing.

Gazing Skyward, Ever-Present
Article By: ZMHB


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